Evolutionary Sexism & Rape: how the hell women cope with it

Can we stop and talk about sexism for a sec?
If you haven’t, please go back and read the previous post on female rage.
Super-related to this topic.
Sexism is so deeply rooted into humans- is it really possible to be rid of it completely? Doubtful.
Centuries upon centuries of sexism, well, women abuse at the points I’m referencing have occurred- evolutionarily, males dominate and want to dominate and it’s obviously easier to populate the world if men (males humans and other animals) spread their genetics wide and far- how that happens or happened was just straight rape.
Check it:
Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 9.44.03 PM
Maybe somewhere along the lines women were like oh wait I like this it’s sex and fun but more likely women learned to cope and deal with someone controlling them by learning to like this type of thing and coming up with the idea of consent/sex as something that isn’t just rape.
Males crave dominance and are more dominant as a sex in politics, the workplace, the home, but especially in the bedroom.
Check out this paper on male dominance
Guess what. Women want to be dominated sexually. At least, we think we do.
Check out this Washington Post article on women wanting to be dominated in the bedroom.
Why the hell would women want to be dominated? We just want to be equals, right?
We trick ourselves into coping with the fact that we’ve been controlled for hundreds of thousands of years. We trick ourselves into believing that we want to be dominated sexually. We cope with the fact that our female ancestors were raped and abused. We cope with the fact that subconsciously, we know that so many men want to do the same to us. We cope with the fact that so many of our fellow females have been abused, beaten, raped, been sold into the sex trade, etc, etc.
We cope with these stats:
Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 10.14.05 PM
Most trauma and sexual assault survivors are more prone to liking BDMS- a way to cope- convincing yourself that this is what you want- to be taken advantage of, raped or abused.
Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 10.17.58 PM
Okay I’m saying all of this because evolutionarily women have been controlled since the start of time. We’ve learned to cope. Biologically we’ve learned to cope. And we’re the ones who produce kids were the ones who they depend on for food and survival after birth so of course we tend to be more nurturing solely because of evolution shit.
All of this is how the world started- think epigenetics.
So women learn to cope with all of this shit for centuries and have genetic changes as a result right?
Look at the friggin animal kingdom: animals bears, lions, penguins, otters, dolphins, etc- the males rape. Lol sorry to ruin your view of cute cuddly animals.
Not only do males in the animal kingdom rape, they practice infanticide in many cases.
Not believing it? Here ya go.
The women have to take care of the young or the males will literally eat the young especially if the young don’t belong to that male or if the male suspects such a thing.
Evolutionarily females have to modify themselves to nurture and protect their young from psycho males who kill young that isn’t theirs because the species would die out otherwise.
So this is happening. More epigenetics shit. Females become busy nurturing kids. Males rape and hunt food and if they didn’t give these females and kids food that they hunted, the species would die out because females have to stay and nurture and protect young. AKA males provide, females “stay in the kitchen,” “work from home,” “ended up in a shotgun wedding,” whatever you want to say.
More epigenetics shit happening with time. More evolution shit happening with time. More helpful shit like tools and fire and stuff which helps with the whole surviving thing. But at this point? Socially and genetically, men are the ones who do the hunting, the tool making for hunting, the discovering, the science while women care for the young for they’ll just die.
How can anyone ever be rid of that centuries upon centuries of sexism that’s literally in our DNA?
Men started doing science but females still had to care for young. Sure, yeah, some studies say males prefer trucks/science/building tools while females prefer dolls. 
But can you ever say that a study like that is valid when hundreds of thousands of years have left females to nurture young- not by choice, mind you- and males to rape, pillage, hunt, build, discover, etc.? (also the industry pushes gender stereotypes on children but that’s beyond the scope of this piece)
Males have been the hunters but after that became efficient they were free to do other shit like science and to find other ways to make life more efficient but females never had that option- we produce the milk for the children inside us because males found the way to reproduce and spread their DNA around- rape.
From the beginning this has been it. Genetically we are programmed this way because of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.
Changing pace- slavery was a thing- for a short time relative to existence of earth vs. the existence of the U.S. and African Americans. America hasn’t been around that long so sure, slavery was around for a short time. But since then discrimination towards African Americans hasn’t ended- just look at this study from 2017.
Slavery was a thing- not even long enough to produce epigenetic changes but it’s still affecting us. Compare the existence of earth and of humans to how long slavery lasted in the U.S.- liiiiike hella longer period of time, right? So even if we enforced punishments for sexist discrimination, it’s in our DNA. It would take generations upon generations AFTER we somehow got rid of all sexism for the epigenetic changes to take place to actually be fully rid of sexism.
It’s like. Take a male and female mouse. Put them in a cage. To get food, the males have to press a button that somehow doesn’t produce food if the female pushes it. To get water the female pushes another button that doesn’t work for the males. They figure it out and have kids. The kids figure it out and have more kids. Their kids figure it out and then continue this for hundreds of generations- then in hundreds of generations, stop and say okay, now males and females can press both buttons for food or water and the buttons work for either sex. Do you honestly think that after a generation or two these mice will be pressing both buttons? OR do you think the females will be more likely to press the button or water and the males the button for food? You can’t then just say oh yeah females like water more and males like food more or whatever you want to say here to explain this tendency away- there have been genetic changes in these mice because they needed to survive.


      1. Thank you very much! Haha I wrote it because some dude was saying I’m wrong about the concept of rape being evolutionarily inherited so this is a middle finger up to him lol thanks again so much for your kindness and support!!

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      2. I wouldn’t say you were wrong. I thought the rape instinct is ingrained, just as infatuation, attraction and desire to possess is. Please keep the thoughts on the run with more.

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