I want you to imagine you’re sitting in a room- the size of a medium bedroom.

The walls are white.

No windows.

The room is empty besides the bench on which you’re sitting in the center of the room.

The lights dim until it’s dark.

Multiple projectors turn on at once such that each of the four walls has a projection as well as the ceiling and floor.

The volume is so loud you can’t hear yourself think.

Every projection switches video feed every 5 seconds but all constantly feed in a live-stream video which adjusts based on the real-time statistics of a particular website.

At first the sounds are overwhelming to your senses.



Pain and Agony.

Moans that are supposed to be filled with pleasure but ring hollow with the fake forced voice brining them forth.

Every 5 seconds the videos cycle through the top 100 videos trending on pornhub based on real-time.

The images projected are women screaming.

Women being raped.

Women staring into a camera looking like they’re hollow.

Women being used.

Women being demeaned.

Women being hit.

Women crying out in pain.

Women suffering.

Women fighting against an assailant.

Women fighting against a forced gang rape.

Women whose eyes are empty and devoid of life.

Women looking directly into your own soul.

Once you realize what’s going on, you can’t shut off the projectors and you can’t turn down the volume.

You’re forced to face what humanity truly is.

How sick would you get? Vomiting? Passing out? Crying?

This is not the first reference that I’ve seen made to the concept of

“unleashing the feminine rage.” This particular scene occurred in a show called “Dietland,” which can be found on Hulu. It was the most powerful scene I’ve ever seen, especially considering that, personally, I am one who identifies with BDSM as a sexual preference. Seeing this made me disgusted with myself, but mostly it made me disgusted with society, especially men. What woman would ever want this to happen to her if not for past trauma from other men? No woman. No human would want this treatment.

The show Dietland conceptualizes inciting a female revolution. How? By

unleashing the feminine rage.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 6.56.37 PM

Feminine rage is unleashed when females or those who identify as such experience or are shown situations in which males abuse their sex/gender. For example- in the above situation, a woman is placed in this room to see men abusing and sexualizing women such that they are just objects in a VERY real way. This intrinsically incites a rage in the woman- and in all the women who watch this scene. It lights a fire. You shake with anger. You feel as if you will do ANYTHING to stop this. You’re capable of killing. You’re capable of murder.

This show actually does an amazing job of depicting these situations. Within the show a women’s group of terrorists forces magazines to publish male nudity rather than female- flipping the tables on those who are sexualized and demeaned. The group also does many negative things such as murdering male rapists and the top female pornstarts who perpetuate rape culture. The actions of this terrorist group are meant to cause females to rise up and to make males fear for their lives. In one scene, a woman is so happy to be able to run at midnight and feel safe, while a male complains about not being able to talk to women without being afraid. The terrorist group is meant to

unleash the feminine rage of the world and to bring down the males.

To be honest, I’m starting to wonder if that’s not the only thing that could change the world- flipping the tables such than men are the ones who are abused, raped, demeaned, beat, and stifled.

American Horror Story- super popular and mainstream. Most recently, the season revolved around the Trump election, a cult formation and

unleashing the feminine rage. The implication of unleashing feminine rage was that a war would break out between the sexes.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 7.03.13 PM
Focusing in on the concept of feminine rage: In this segment of the AHS series, the election of a president who “grabs women by the pussy” began to influence females to harbor hatred for men. Throughout the season, the slow development of a mostly male cult that aimed to follow in the footsteps of Trump was depicted, using fear and hatred to control people both within and without the cult. The cult was led by a male who, seemingly cunning and smart, was influenced only by a woman who wanted to encite female rage towards males.

The final stunt used to drive fear into people but rage into women was the murder of a mass of pregnant women. The whole plot was a crazy concept, but truly, after the election of Trump, is anything more crazy than that? Not really, which is how the concept of a female revolution was normalized within the season.

Let’s take a step back and read a few Q’s and A’s from Psychology Today. The next few passages explain how we have evolved to resist our negative emotions- rejection, hurt, anger, pain, jealousy, etc. and explains what happens when we attempt to resist these emotions as individuals in our own lifetime or as a whole human species over years and years.

Q: So how do we fix this glitch in evolution, release our habitual resistance (of negative emotions), and start connecting to our emotions directly?

RC: The antidote to emotional resistance is acceptance. This means learning to accept your emotions, in your body, as soon as they arise. This acceptance is not mental or theoretical – it’s a practical skill.

I call this skill surfing. With internal surfing, your attention is the surfer, and the emotion is the wave. Here’s how it works. Suppose someone rejects you. Your initial inclination is to drown your sorrows. Instead, you locate the raw sensation of rejection in your body. Then, you remain attentive to that sensation as it moves and shifts. In the process you ride it out. Soon, much sooner than you’d imagine, this leaves you cleansed, refreshed, and truly over it.

Q: Aren’t you making this sound a lot simpler than it is?

RC: No, it really is that simple. But not easy. Often, temporarily, the wave is excruciating. It takes a lot of practice not to bail. After quickly getting to “shore” a few times, however, your motivation grows exponentially.

Another difficulty is that surfing often brings up all kinds of distracting thoughts. In the above example, while surfing, you might simultaneously notice thoughts like, “No wonder I got rejected – I’m a total loser.” Or, “I’m better off by myself.” Or, “What should I have for dinner?”

Dealing with such thoughts requires noticing them dispassionately, like clouds in the sky, while doing your best to remain on the wave or catching the very next one if you “wipe out.”

To be clear, surfing an emotion doesn’t mean you must give credence to the thoughts associated with it. In other words, feeling like a loser for a few minutes doesn’t mean you ever have to believe that you truly are one.

Q: Besides feeling better as quickly as possible, are there additional benefits to the process of emotional connection?

RC: Whenever we successfully surf an emotion, we also begin to clear ourselves of its backlog.

Staying with the example of rejection, the degree of its sting is connected to how much previously unfelt rejection we currently have on board. With enough surfing it’s eventually possible, believe it or not, to experience serious rejection with relatively little upset.

Q: Doesn’t this also have something to do with negative patterns?

RC: Negative patterns are caused by stored-up, resisted emotions. They are the way resisted emotions try to get our attention, so that we’ll finally feel them.

If you’re carrying around a lot of bottled up rejection, to complete our example, you’ll actually draw people into your life who are bound to reject you. The good news is that once you surf your way free of that rejection, the pattern loses its power.

The last two questions in this article are pertinent.

Essentially, women have been feeling centuries and centuries of being demeaned, being sexualized, being objectified, being discriminated against, becoming sex slaves, being raped, being battered, being belittled and talked down to- the list is endless.

Evolutionarily, women are feeling CENTURIES of anger RIGHT NOW.

This anger towards how we’ve been treated as a sex has been building up for centuries and is going to release at some point- the past few decades have been that emotion starting to spill over, but because sexism has been so rampant, it’s still been stifled. We, as women, are just now starting to LET ourselves feel the anger that we should have been feeling for centuries. We carry the previous THOUSANDS of generations’ anger within us.

Not only has this anger been building up for generations, but it’s been stifled for generations. We’ve resisted the emotion as a sex for GENERATIONS and we’re still stifling it in most cases, which means, according to this article, we are bound to draw in people who elicit this anger and ignite the flame inside of us- the anger grows and spreads while we stifle it BECAUSE we are trying to stifle it.

Maybe I’m giving both Dietland and American Horror Story too much credit here, but I doubt that the use of the same terms for the same reasons in both shows is a coincidence. We have mainstream shows tapping into this concept that most of us don’t even realize exists. Subliminally, these shows are hinting to women and to the world that there is MUCH undue anger and hatred in women that has built up towards men.

If anyone thinks that this theory and that these concepts are incredible, take a look.


the whole psychology today article is located here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/emotional-connection/200901/unleashing-the-power-emotional-connection


  1. Reblogged this on We're somebody. and commented:
    Thank you for this! I may have a lot of deficits given the trauma I endured but I am also angry. Angry at the justice system for how it failed me. Angry at society for actually telling me I don’t have a right to speak because it’s none of anyone’s business. While my abuser plays victim and enjoys living a normal life, I deal with the consequences of his inability to control his temper on a daily basis. I am angry and I plan to tell my story and hope that it helps other victims. I don’t know how yet but I hope that I can do something positive in way of changing policy that will protect women.

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    1. YES! I’m glad this helped you and I know you’ll help others!! Mine does the same. No consequences and people even feel bad for him for attracting “crazy” girls like me and the ex before me and the one before her. It’s insane that this happens. It ruins lives and makes the female REAL victims feel pathetic and want to give up on life. We need to stand up for what’s right. I’m so glad you feel that way :))

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I do. I have been thinking what I can do to make a positive of the nightmare I continue to live. I see what everyone else writes and still feel something is wrong with me because what I write isn’t pretty and there’s a lot of resentment and anger, but then that’s how I felt. Some days I still feel that way because the son of a bitch destroyed my otolith so I can’t drive, ride a bike or do anything I use to and he’s out there posting selfies of himself and his new supply cycling, and if that wasn’t enough, the new woman has chalked up what he did to me as circumstantial as if I deserved it. She’s a lawyer so you think she would be smarter than that especially since she has my medical record but nope! she bought his shit. I’m veering…so a couple of weeks ago, I got tired of myself and was done with the stories. I thought I was repeating myself and thought about what I really wanted and why I was here. Partially, I was writing because I knew he was lurking around and I wanted to write things to piss him off. That didn’t last too long and now I really want to refine the blog and begin a revolution to bringing awareness to how society treats victims of abuse. Not just domestic and emotional, but all victims of abuse. I need to be able to communicate my anger and resentment a little prettier. I think. I’m still sorting it out. Still sorting out how to do it – I’m talking to a friend this week who use to be in politics to talk about who to approach and how…If I have to think of the bastard daily since my list of I cants is long, might as well do something positive.

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      2. I’m so sorry you’ve been through all of that. I understand your frustration and anger and it’s so hard to talk about such a difficult situation but it’s possible! You just need to remove yourself from it- compartmentalize all of it and see yourself from the outside- like watching a movie but you have more insight because you’re a character in the movie 🙂 you got this and together we can change things. Message me anytime if you need to or want to talk!!

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