Starting a dialogue

As soon as I heard the knock, I pulled down my sleeves, to be sure the scratches and bruises on my arms were completely covered. “Come in,” I said. My primary care physician entered the room and greeted me warmly just as she had many times before. Over the years she’d come to know me and knew I had a spark in me and a bubbly, outgoing personality, which is why she knew that something about me was abnormal today. She went through the typical questions regarding my health and medications and then approached the more personal questions. “How is your job,” “how is your family,” “how are your relationships,” and “what’s going on in your current relationship?” I answered all with a shaky voice while I avoided eye contact. She finally asked the question, “Emily, why are you wearing long sleeves and pants in the middle of the summer- what are you covering up?” I tried to stammer out a response but instead began to cry and explain what had been going on.

Domestic abuse is not addressed the way that it should be. It happens behind closed doors and talk of it remains behind closed doors. Victims are often too ashamed to come forward. The goal of this blog is to share my own story in regards to domestic abuse and assault to hopefully make others more comfortable with their own experiences.

*Disclaimer* I am not writing this blog for myself- I don’t need to vent, I don’t need to express emotions and I don’t need to whine about some boy- writing these things triggers me and brings back PTSD symptoms- it doesn’t benefit me at all other than letting me help other survivors relate to someone and bring awareness to those who can’t relate. I am writing this blog solely to help others and raise awareness about mental health.  



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